16 June 2008

Vacation Highlights

It was a nice vacation. The kids had a great time at the beach. Here are the major highlights of the week:

Pre - Vacation Preparation

If you've ever gotten a Brazilian wax job I commend you. Let me just say there is no way I would ever do this. In preparation for the beach I was attempting to groom the bikini area and didn't want to keep shaving it while at the beach so I thought hell I'll try the Nair No Ouch Wax kit. Sure No Ouch my ass. Maybe it's because I enlisted the help of Leo and he's not good with female grooming tasks (remind me to tell you about when he burnt my hair while blowing it dry), but overall he wasn't too bad at applying wax and ripping out bikini hair on the sides. Since that didn't go too bad I thought well why not go ahead and try to take a little off the top...Big Mistake. Instead of having the nice little runway strip, I had a bald spot. So I had a reverse runway. Cleared down the middle and grassy on the side. Let's just say it stayed like that...

Packing four people's clothing into one big bag is not a good idea. We actually had to weigh the bag at home and then move stuff to another bag. But we were trying to consolidate as much as possible.

Beachy Adventures

We ran over a tire on the freeway driving to the beach and tore the hell out of the bottom of the rental car. We dragged that piece all week. It was awesome. Thankfully we fixed it enough before we turned it in so we didn't pull into the rental return dragging anything.

It was nice to see Leo's grandparents and all the other family.

We had sand everywhere: Body parts, bathing suits, shoes, hair, shorts, suitcase, bathtub, bed, car, body parts again, just everywhere you can think of...

Little Man does not like walking on sand and had to be carried.

Sweet Girl kept her shoes on after her sliver incident and basically never took them off.

Little Man enjoys laying down in the surf.

Sweet Girl and Leo played in a lot of waves.

Both kids got sick for at least one day at the beach. What vacation would be complete without cleaning up puke? You know how much I LOVE cleaning up puke...

Spending that long (1 week) with family is just a little too long and will be capped at 4 days unless we are not all in the same house.

Both kids took naps on the beach.

One day we spent five hours on the beach and it was great.

I have never seen so many Little Debbie snacks in my life. Holy crap, they must have both a whole grocery store of them.

We ate nothing but crap all week long. I think one day I had a nutty bar for breakfast AND lunch.

We drank a lot of beer and it was fun.

We never saw any ghosts on the ghost walk or in the haunted lighthouse.

Sweet Girl got to pet a shark on the pier.

We did not buy one beachy crappy souvenir.

Running in an airport to catch a flight when it's in a different terminal accessible by a TRAM with two kids, three backpacks, a camera bag and a bottle of water Sweet Girl wouldn't give up is NOT fun at all. Unless of course you like to torture yourself.

Sweet Girl refuses to pee on any toilet that will automatically flush or even LOOKS like it will automatically flush.

Little Man has a carpet burn, ON HIS FACE, from being taken out in the Jacksonville airport and slammed into the floor by his sister. That was really fun.

Well I think that about covers it. Major highlights of the week. We did have a nice time but we were happy to be home.
Now it's back to the grind. UGH UGH UGH. I think after the two years of hell we've had we should have a MONTH of vacation. Or we need to win the damn lottery!


Kelly said...

Love the commentary. Sounds like you guys had a good time over all.

Anonymous said...

You need to bypass the Nair wax and just do the regular old Nair next time. Works like a charm and they now have one that works in under 5 minutes and you can do it in the shower.