18 June 2008

Yes It's Hot

We are under a heat advisory because it's so freaking hot. We've had well into the 100's all week, actually it's been about 110 and above. Yes that's hot, even with low low humidity. But it's not totally unbearable, you just don't hang out outside very long unless you're going in the pool! So I'm not complaining just letting everyone know what we're dealing with over here in the desert. This weather was fully expected and we knew it would be coming!

Monsoon season officially started on Sunday. Looking at the forecast, looks like one might happen next week. I would love to tell you I'll take pictures and share with you, but you know that won't happen. Well I'll take the pictures but you won't see them since I am SO good at posting pictures you know...

The pool is running about 95 degrees now and just feels fabulous when you get in. The kids are loving the pool as well. Sweet Girl has become quite adventurous and now really loves swimming underwater. She is pretty good actually but needs to work on her arm and leg coordination some yet. She will jump off the side of the pool and swim to you. She is quite the fish.
Little Man likes to float on his back. He will also get in the inner tube and kick back. He likes that. It's cute. We start swim lessons on June 30th. I fear that Sweet Girl will be a little advanced for her class but I'm hoping she gets more of the safety aspect of it more then anything. We've been trying to teach her she needs to swim to the wall.

Well that is what's going on in our neck of the woods. HEAT!

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Chrissy said...

Glad to hear that y'all are handling the heat so well...so far! My car temp gauge said 126 the other day for the outdoor temp. Yes indeedy. That is totally typical. And never, ever under any circumstances trust the weatherman. They lie. lmao