17 June 2008

The Technology Devil

Well it happened. The technology devil has entered our life. I am all for technology but this particular piece I think is evil. It's the.....Blackberry.
I HATE this thing. I think it is annoying and completely blurs the line of when work stops and your life begins. Because now you're accessible ANYWHERE and not just by phone now. Now they can email you and you can reply quite easily.
I think this PDA should be renamed from Personal Data Assistant to Pain in the Damn Ass.

It's Leo and he got it for work. He swears he won't check email after he confirms the ones he needs to check. I laugh at this, sure maybe that will be the case right NOW but give it a couple months and when people know he can respond even when he's not at his desk they are going to expect it. I already warned him I would throw that fucking thing in the pool if he whips it out to check something in the middle of a conversation at home. Or I'll drive over it with the truck if he does it while we're at lunch. I cannot tell you my total disdain for this thing.

I will admit it did come in handy while we were on the plane to check and see if our connecting flight was delayed or not. So we knew before we got off the plane that in fact it was.

I guess I'll just have a love / hate relationship with it and live the complete double standard that it's not too bad unless it benefits me.

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kelly said...

Ohh good luck. Sean doesn't have a blackberry per se but his cell does it all. I sooo understand where you are coming from.