05 June 2008

I Am A Mascochist

I guess I have some subconscious love of torture. We go out to eat A LOT. It's just easier sometimes after I've worked all day and have two kids that want my attention when I get home so I can't really get time to make a meal. Now that it is summer we are trying to be better with eating dinner at home because we can grill hamburgers, hot dogs and steak. Slice up some cucumbers and tomatoes and we have a good meal. But we still go out to eat.

Although I'm not sure WHY we continue this torture. Sometimes the kids are angels and sit and wait and do their coloring and life is good. But sometimes they have no desire to sit down and wait. So they are antsy and want to get down. Well I cannot stand kids that run around a restaurant and that is not something we will let them do. If it gets to be too bad we will leave the restaurant and walk around outside. Sometimes I will admit this makes me really crabby, especially if I'm hungry. I think most of you who know me, know when I am really hungry WATCH OUT. This is not a good combination when it reaches this point. Sweet Girl is usually pretty good, it's Little Man that is the demon.

I guess it's probably his age. I remember when Sweet Girl was that age we did go through a phase where she would be the devil at a restaurant and I remember swearing them off then as well. But I never really did, we just kept on going out. I imagine Little Man will grow out of his phase, at least I hope so.

I need to get into a better routine of eating dinner at home, it's cheaper and healthier. But sometimes not easier and to me after a rough day at work, coming home with kids and spending time with them I am all for easy. I need easy these days. And I know it's bad when Sweet Girl REQUESTS to go out to eat! That is sad in my opinion but I guess I'm the only one that can change it. And sure I want to change it, I want to make dinner and eat at home. And eat only healthy meals. But again if you know me you are well aware that I am HORRIBLE with follow through on things that I want to do.
I guess I'll just try to work on it.

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