03 June 2008

The Kid With No Pants

So Little Man as of late is not a fan of pants. No shorts, pants, or pajama bottoms for him. I am not sure what started this dislike of pants but it is in full swing right now. He has no problem with shirts generally, it's just his pants.

He also doesn't have a problem with his diaper. Maybe he thinks the diaper is too cool to cover up? Who knows.

Although, Sunday he did take his diaper off and came running into the foyer and is standing there all bottom naked and throwing his diaper up and over his head (thankfully it was a DRY diaper). He thought this was funny. He did it over and over. I just liked watching his fat little naked butt jiggle when he threw the diaper in the air. He has such a cute little butt. He was able to take his diaper off because guess what, yep you got it...he had no pants on. And initially he wasn't really thrilled to put a diaper back on that day. I hope he doesn't become one of those kids that loves taking off their diaper no matter what is in it. Lord help me if that's the case. I'll have to keep him in overalls or front zip full body pajama's all day. And won't that look kind of strange when it's 110.

I'm sure he'll probably be one of those guys that likes to go commando which is fine I guess just not when he's not even 2 yet!!


Deanna said...

I am going through a no-pants phase myself. It is quite delightful.

MTH said...
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Danielle said...

Deanna - You're old enough to know better. Wear your pants.

Anonymous said...

He must take after his cousin, Max.

Sherry B said...

Hey I am pretty sure it is a phase. Ours started about 6 months ago and is i think maybe starting to wear off. And dont try time out for it the dayschool says it didnt work baby girl still went streaking down the hall when they werent looking. Funniest damn thing i walked into in my life.. Her little fat butt running and screaming with laughter nake nake. I still laugh so just enjoy. A wise old lady told me that all smart kids did this and this meant that they would soon be fully potty train themselves. Who knows we will see.