15 May 2008

The Haircuts

We got the kids haircut before we left for our trip to TN. I thought Sweet Girl would look cute if we updated her do; she has had a bob for a while now and bangs. We were trying to grow her bangs out because they hid her face and she looks so cute with no bangs. But she was not cooperating with the clips or barrettes we would use in her hair so we resorted to cutting the bangs shorter again. But I thought she would look cute with the current hair style where it's shorter in the back and longer on the sides. We head over to the Great Clips and I explain to the chick that this is what I want. I thought everyone knew this style, what the hell was I thinking? I mean I was at Great Clips for heaven's sake. I knew I was in trouble with her reply to one of my statements:
Me: "I want the style where it's shorter in the back and longer on the sides, so it will angle down towards her sides."
Great Clips Chick looks at me like I have 10 eyes and finally responds "OK."
Me: "Just don't go all Posh Spice on her or anything."
Great Clips Chick "Who?"
I am thinking OMG, what the hell have I just done to my daughter's hair? Should I tell her just never mind? Cut it the same all over? I don't say anything but now I'm looking at HER like she has 10 eyes.

She starts cutting. And Sweet Girl is a squirmer. I am doing what I can to help Sweet Girl sit still. Great Clips Chick is looking nervous and I think she's getting annoyed with Sweet Girl. Finally the other Great Clips Chick who was cutting Little Man's hair is brought in for help. And thankfully she takes over. She is much more expedient and cuts a little better with Sweet Girls rapid head movement. All in all it turned out better then I initially thought. I would have preferred a little shorter in the back but we'll try it next time. She looks awfully cute though.

Little Man was perfect, he just sat there while the chick used the clippers on him. He also is looking quite cute with his snazzy new do. Which for him is just short but still long enough so we can spike it up.

They both are looking cute and updated and ready for summer!


Chrissy said...

Aw, I love that style you are describing! If Hannah's hair was long and thick enough we would so be doing that style!

SHerry Borski said...

hey so where are the pics i havent seen any in a long time well since christmas