19 May 2008

Our Hot Weekend

Get out of the gutter, I'm not talking about THAT kind of hot weekend. Although it would be kind of fun to write about that but, believe it or not I wouldn't blog about it. There are some things that are just too personal to not plaster all over the web and for me that's one of them. It's a family blog anyway, remember? And that doesn't include how to make a family either.

By hot, I mean heat. It was HOT this weekend. In the triple digits. Our pool went from 80 degrees to 86 in a matter of days. Soon the water will be like bathwater, and that may not be all that comforting when it gets to be like 110. It was 106 on Sunday and today it's supposed to be warmer. Welcome to the desert. Even Sweet Girl commented on how hot it was.

We spent a lot of hours in the pool. I love the pool. I grew up with a pool and have always loved being in a pool. I am happy that the kids will now also have the joys of having a pool growing up. We have been trying to get Sweet Girl to swim without a noodle. But she LOVES that noodle. And she is so funny as she demands that you jump in and she counts to strange numbers. Most people count to 3, but Sweet Girls prefers 6, 8, or 9.

Little Man will not generally go to anyone but me and he likes to just float around. I wish I could get him to like the noodle! But he continuous says "No. No. No" over and over. But I'm not sure WHY he's saying NO. I try to take him back to the steps and he grunts and falls to me. I carry him around and the No's start again. The neighbors are probably wondering what the hell we're doing to the kid. Forcing him to swim or something but I'm not, I don't get anything more then NO. So strange. My kids are so strange!!

We'll be taking swim lessons at some point here soon. Sweet Girl proclaimed to me (which proves she actually DOES listen)
"Momma, you can't be in the pool unless Daddy, Audrey, Gaga or Grandad is in with you." This is what I told her about the pool that SHE can't be in the pool unless Mommy, Daddy or Gaga or Grandad is with her.


Anonymous said...

Holy geez I was just reading this blog about swimming in the pool and saw that it is 108 degrees there. That is just gross. How do you do it? We had alot of fun with our pool as kids...remember all the late night skinny dipping.

Euan said...

Up here in Massachusetts it's still chilly enough that we have to wear jackets outside, at least in the mornings and at night.

I'm not sure if I should be jealous of you or the other way around.

Kelly said...

Hey you were the one complaining a few weeks ago that the pool wasn't warm enough. Quit yer b-chg. LOL