02 May 2008

Blog Stats

You can call me a dork but I must tell you that one of my favorite things besides writing a blog post and reading the comments (which have slowed down here, come on people get with it and interact!) is reading the blog stats.

The stats tell me how people found the blog, like did they do a keyword search or was it linked to on someone else's site, etc. The stats also tell me how many hits, visitors and what country they are located. This is by far my most favorite stat. The fact that people outside the US have read the blog is so cool to me. There has been hits from places such as Belgium, Canada, India, and the UK.

I have a strange obsession with the UK for some reason so I am especially pleased to see that one. I love British culture, books, TV and music/radio. If I am listening to the radio online at work it's either XM online or Virgin Radio out of London. I do not know the origin of this intrigue. I have been trying to convince Leo that a move to somewhere in the UK would be a good idea. Although quite honestly after the trials and tribulations with a move across the country I have been second guessing my thoughts on that. Lord only knows what would happen with a move across the OCEAN! I am sure it would make for some interesting blog posts but I don't think I can handle it! So maybe we'll have to spend a few months at a time over there as the kids are a bit older.

Don't worry it doesn't give any personal info about the readers or anything so I don't secretly know who is reading the blog and all your personal info.

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