29 May 2008

Mommy Style

Nope, I'm not referring my fashion style which mostly consistents of jeans and t-shirts. I love jeans and t-shirts and flip flops. Of course when it gets to be 110, I'll ditch the jeans for shorts but keep the t-shirt and flip flops. I really mean parenting style.

I think overall we are pretty laid back parents. We do discipline, don't get me wrong, but overall we're not crazy parents whose kids have to eat only organic food and no sugar and have to do this or that. I must admit I do like a bedtime schedule and routine but I don't become all crazy mommy if we don't get a bath or go to bed later then normal.

I think at one point every parent is judgemental of others as to THEIR parenting style compared to yours. I read something on a site that I visit often - Phoenix Mommies - it was about the "SanctiMommy", this was from another blog so I went and checked it out. I had to laugh because I have run into those "SanctiMommies" and I find them annoying as hell. I certainly don't claim to be one, at least not ALL the time..I've had my judgemental moments like everyone else such as, I too on occasion have rolled my eyes at the site of a 5 year old with a pacifier. It's a really good read and I enjoyed it so you should check it out.

So while I won't let Little Man drink a whole cup of coke, I'm not freaking out that he's enjoying a sip or two along with me. And boy does he like coke too! They are so active that he'll burn it off in two minutes of running around the house yelling or trying to sit on Sweet Girl after she comes down the slide. And OMG my kids eat candy. Holy Hell watch out. But you know what they also eat a crapload of fruit and do actually eat some veggies. I think they eat a pretty nutritious diet so the fact they eat some candy or other "crap" doesn't really bother me all that much.

I think every parent has become a Sanctiparent at some point or another, no one is perfect. But if you're happy, your kids are happy and healthy who the hell cares what anyone else says? Let them say whatever they want about your parenting and what you're feeding your kids. You have one up on them...YOU'RE HAPPY!!!


Deanna said...

Amen to that for sure! Ya know I have realized how much I look forward to reading your blogs after not really getting one yesterday.
Keep it up.

Basha's Mama said...

You let your kids drink coke?!?! I'm so much better than you because my kids do not drink coke. Though I do forget to brush Sami's teeth quite often... Hmmm guess I live in a glass house. :)