23 May 2008

Down to One

Well we're officially down to one house now. Today is the closing on our house in Brentwood. It will now be owned by someone else. While I am glad we sold it because having two payments is just not all that fun, it sucks because someone else is in OUR house. I know it is probably strange to some of you to have that sort of connection to a house. I cannot explain it. I guess I wish I knew I was turning the house over to someone I know would love it as much as we did. I guess no one will ever love it like that since we were the ones that picked everything out. I guess I will look at it as closure. Now I can't just run away from the desert and back to my house in Brentwood. Although as of late I haven't really wanted to run away from the desert, which is good. So all in all yes it's a good thing the house is sold.

We owe many thanks to Leo's cousin Chip and my dad for going over and doing the repairs the buyers wanted. They were such silly repairs too, with the exception of one. A leak. To me that is a valid repair. The rest of them were just stupid (like changing the light bulbs and replacing door stops...seriously that is what they were...)and I think they were just looking for things to find because they were pissy we played hardball with the negotiations. Since we really didn't HAVE to sell the house we weren't just going to take any offer to get out of the house. People like that piss me off.

Oh well, now that house payment will go into savings and that's good. Maybe that will be a nice trip to Disneyland with the kids or Hawaii for Leo and me! I sure could use THAT kind of trip!!

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Kelly said...

Yay on selling the house! Though I can understand the double edged feeling. I know how much you put into it. Disneyland ?!?! DW the end of next year.