22 May 2008

The Copy Cat

Little Man is a complete copy cat. He will do everything that Sweet Girl does. It is funny to watch him watch her and then mimic whatever she is doing. This happened last night when Sweet Girl was eating raisins that she took from her plate and then put them on the table. I looked over and Little Man watched her intently and then immediately did the same thing. This is both good and bad, good when he mimics the things she is supposed to do but bad when he is mimicking the not so good things. And trust me boy do we have those things!

They are doing better at playing together and getting along. Sure they have their moments which cause a lot of yelling and usually biting on Little Man's part, this makes me want to pull my hair out so thankfully it is happening less and less. Although if he continues to mimic her I imagine there to be an increase in fighting because Sweet Girl will find it annoying that he is copying everything she does. And lord when he starts talking I can just hear him repeat everything she says and we all know how annoying that can be since everyone has experienced that at one time or another with either a sibling or a friend.

During their good times, Sweet Girl will go into Little Man's bedroom after he's woken up and sit and read to him. He will refuse to get out of the crib when this is going on. He enjoys sitting in there and letting her read to him. It's really cute.

I am hoping they get along really well as they get older. But fully expect the moments when I hear "I hate him or her." Ah the joys of parenting. Hopefully the good moments far out number those hating moments!! They have so far so we just need to keep this record going.


Anonymous said...

I remember the first time (and possibly the only) I told you I hated you. We were at Arbor Drugs and you would not let me get two candy bars. You mean mean sister.

Danielle said...

well apparently i didn't really care too much b/c I don't remember that... ;)

Anonymous said...

I have heard that when something bad happens or when something upsets you terribly, you tend to block those moments out. I am sure that is what's happening here. Don't worry I have since forgiven you :)

Anonymous said...

Anyway it does not matter cause we love love love each other now and forever :)