06 March 2008

Differences and Similarites between TN & AZ

Here is a brief synopsis of some differences and similarities between Nashville and Phoenix/Chandler

My family and friends aren't here. So I think you all should move.

There are lots of palm trees and cacti here. Not so much in Tennessee.

You can buy beer, wine and liquor at the grocery store and Costco. Yay. Although I'm surprised I haven't taken advantage of this more.

You rarely run into someone that was born and raised here. This seems to make most people very nice. This could be both a difference and a similarity depending on where in TN you are.

The freeways here have different names depending on if it's the north, south, east or west part of the freeway. For example, the Loop 202 is called the Red Mountain on the north side and the Santan on the south side.

We're not getting snow in March.

The bathrooms at my office in Tempe have seat covers and the office in Nashville doesn't. Why is this being noted, you might ask? I had some trouble with one of these seat covers which may or may not be a post one day this week.

The school zones are 35 MPH, but it's ALL day long. People must have been really pissed when I saw the flashing lights and dropped down to 15. After noticing the speed on the sign I sped up.

We have scorpions. But hey TN has brown recluses and at least if I have one scorpion that doesn't mean I have a whole houseful.

The Phoenix area has 3 area codes.

They don't have Publix.

Our house is roughly the same size but the kids got shafted on their room size compared to TN.

Most suburban neighborhoods in the Phoenix area have sidewalks.

Almost all homes in the Phoenix area have a block fence.

You can have green grass all year long in Phoenix.

Phoenix is the fifth most populated metropolitan area in the country. I think Nashville is around number 30.

They have red light and speed cameras...watch out driving records.


People drive like idiots here too. They seem to be better at merging but not much.

They have Target and Wal-Mart.

The Wal-Marts attracts the same type of people as it does in TN.

I'm still working on the same projects for the same company.

Leo can still carry his guns here.

Both areas are represented by Democratic governors and Republican Senators.

Both have hills and mountains. Just more mountains in Phoenix.

Both have pro sports teams.

Both have some form of commuter rail in some stage of production.

Both have useless HOV lanes.

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Tami said...

Nice to know you can carry a gun in Phoenix. Murfreesboro's about to get red light cameras. The first one's going up now.