19 March 2008

Sweet Girl Is Pretty Darn Smart

Since I posted about Little Man it's only fair that I post about what a smart (and sometimes smarty pants) and bright kid Sweet Girl is. She is definitely a sponge when it comes to information and has quite good hearing. I think we will start having her do "ear muffs" when we have conversations so she doesn't go to school or something and blurt out what she's heard. Now I'm not writing this post to brag about her or anything, just as means to update you on what's going on at our house. That was the purpose of the blog remember?

Some of her current skills include:

She can write the letters A, U, M, H, R, O and I

She knows about half of the states and where they are located (without looking at the map).

She knows how to spell Mississippi.

She knows all these weird exotic animals just by looking at them. (I'm giving props to Diego for this one...who said kids watching cartoons is THAT bad).

I figure soon enough she'll know all the states and we'll have to start working on the capitols. I am constantly amazed at what she learns and knows. I hope we can continue on this path of learning and that Little Man has the same desire to learn. I hope I can continue whatever it is I might be doing to encourage her to continue with this thirst for knowledge.


Anonymous said...

Boy sounds like she takes after her grandma

Kelly said...

Stop bragging, you're going to give us a complex. =) Good job A!

Anonymous said...

What does that first comment supposed to mean????
Love GaGa