14 March 2008

Come Back! Please Come Back!

Ok, I know I've been a little negative and now fear that I have driven away readers becasue if you're like me (the me now) you really don't enjoy being around a negative person. One of the things I've enjoyed about writing the blog is the comments. It makes me feel good knowing people are reading and responding and I still feel connected to you. However based on the comment record in the last few posts I fear no one is reading because I am being Debbie Downer.

Now if you've known me for a great number of years you know I used to be the Queen of Negative Manor. I complained ALOT and about everything. I always focused on the negative. But as I got older I moved out of the Negative Manor and into Happy Valley. And I wanted to surround myself with people in the Happy Valley. Now don't be fooled the Happy Valley does have it's bad side of town because everyone has their days where they want to complain and vent and just plain think negatively. And of course I've crossed to that side of the tracks and visited a while but always found my way back to the happier side of Happy Valley. But lately I guess I set up camp over on the not so happy side. I stayed too long. But it's so easy to just think negatively. The negative thoughts are right there easily accessible, piled high on a silver platter just waiting for you to pick one up. Finding the happy thought sometimes takes effort. And sometimes (like lately for me) that's difficult when you're tired and overwhelmed and exhausted from dealing with the kids sicknesses and moving and all the other adjustments you have to make. So I have packed up my tent and I'm slowly trying to get back to the happier side. And I hope, dear readers...if there are any left, you come back and read and post comments. I'll try to keep it light and happy.

And as much as I want to post that now Little Man has pneumonia and an ear infection and we were swarmed by bees yesterday I won't. Instead as a peace offering I shall share with you a highly embarassing story. Yes this would only happen to me. Read this as I were telling you in person. Enjoy and have a great weekend.

The bathroom at the office here in Tempe has seat covers and I use them. Well this particular one caused me a problem because instead of the pee going down the little opening it somehow got tilted towards the outside of the toilet and was going down the front of the toilet and my pants. I wasn't sitting like right up against the seat or anything but the angle of the cover helped move it right along and onto the back of my pants. Yes I peed on my pants sitting on the toilet. How the hell does that happen?


Anonymous said...

Hey I'm glad you're feeling that way Danielle. Uncle Charlie used to say you know you're really in a rut when you start to furnish it.
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Even if you are on the crappy side of happy valley or the good side you should post either way. If you just post happy stuff all the time people will think what the heck is wrong with this woman doesnt she ever pee on herself like the rest of us. We are still out there reading your blogs and enjoying them if they are a bummer or not. Sometimes there is only enough time to read it and not enough time to write back. So fear not Ms. Queen we loving reading....keep it up!
Your loving sister and always a devoted reader

Deanna said...

See I even created an account!

Anonymous said...

I feel that happy valley will be knocking on your door soon.By the way the reason for this blog is so that we are able to keep up with you guys. Meaning we have to know the good, ugly, and the bad. So keep telling us all of the details, I love reading and knowing how you guys are. Tell Little Man we hope he feels better soon. We Love You Guys!!! Damn toilet seat covers( I think I have to pee now )