05 March 2008

Dip and a Star

Sweet Girl and Little Man are both pretty good eaters. We've gone through phases where they would only eat certain things, well actually really not Little Man because he eats everything it seems. But I have found something that really helps both of them eat. It's certainly not the most nutritious of food but when I am desperate to make sure they have food in their tummy this is where I will turn for both of them:

Sweet Girl - Chicken shaped as a star from Carl's Jr. Yes she pretends they are members of our family and methodically eats our heads, arms and legs off. And she is proud to proclaim in the middle of the restaurant 'Mommy I just ate your arm!!'. But she EATS them all up and is excited to eat so I can't take that way from her!

Little Man - Any kind of dipping sauce. The kid will dip anything into a sauce. Ranch, BBQ, Honey Mustard are favorites for chicken. If he is not eating anything I just think of something he can dip it in, put some on his plate and do a trial. Viola! He eats it. It's actually kind of funny. But he if it's getting him to eat veggies maybe it will counterbalance the dip??

I'm sure soon this will change and Sweet Girl will tire of eating off our heads, arms and legs. And Little Man will no longer like dipping sauce. Like all things this is probably just a phase.

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Anonymous said...

At least they will eat!