21 March 2008

Fun At Daddy's Office

Leo's office building is very nice and has a nice little pond and stream that is home to many big fish and ducks. So yesterday the kids and I went to visit him at his office so they could feed the ducks and see the fish. I knew they would like this. We brought a bag with 3 hot dog buns to feed to the ducks. This was a mistake between the fish and the ducks we needed a whole LOAF of bread. When we get out of the car there are two ducks walking along the path. They see Sweet Girl and see she is holding a bag and proceed to follow her and nip at the bag. It was kind of funny. Sweet Girl was so excited to be THAT close to ducks.
We go over to the bridge and feed the ducks and fish and they are sure hungry and are "asking" for food in their little duck language. It was fun and the kids loved it.

Sweet Girl wants to go in and see Daddy's office. We're walking to the door to get in when I look away for a minute and the next minute I see Little Man has squeezed his head THROUGH the railing surrounding the water. And he's grunting because he is now STUCK. I am like OH. MY. GOD. I try to get him out but it's not working. He's squirming a little more now. I finally had to push his head from the other side and it wasn't an easy task. His head is not all that small. It was stuck and took some effort to get him free. But he was finally freed without having to call anyone or run to the grocery store for oil or butter to lube up his head. I did freak out for a second as I saw us having to pry the bars apart to get him out.

The kids enjoyed seeing Daddy's office. I imagine it will be requested to go see the ducks and fish again. I'll take pictures next time so you can also experience the feeding frenzy!

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kelly said...

Ok so I'm sure that wasn't funny at the time, but I was rotflmao at that. Maybe because I can see one of my kids doing that too. Of course unlike A, my A would have been running away from the ducks!