18 March 2008

Little Man The Unusual

Little Man is such a character. He never ceases to amaze me with the things that kid does. Already his heart is so big. He loves to share things with you, especially food. He often gets Sweet Girl her duckie if she's asking for it. He's just a sweetheart. But he does seem to be doing some werido things right now as well. Maybe it's because he's a boy, I don't know.

For example. yesterday he was laying on the patio sucking the water from between the cracks. WHY on earth would he do this? And WHERE did he learn it from? These things I don't know. And now you're probably saying to yourself "no wonder their kids are getting sick all the time, they're letting them slurp water from the sidewalk". Ah No. It's not something that I told him to go do or encouraged by any means.

He enjoys wearing Sweet Girls shoes. He especially likes to wear one of the fleece crocs with one of the regular ones. AND they are often on the wrong feet.

He won't eat at the dinner table anymore UNLESS he is sitting on MY lap. I am now a chair. Not that I mind but it often makes it difficult for me to eat as well. And I am kind of afraid I'm going to get a fork in the eye if I'm not paying attention.

If you read the post where I said he likes to dip food, well now sometimes he won't eat the food anymore, it's just the dip. Using a fork to eat ranch dressing is not really easy and creates quite a mess.

He's starting to collect things for his bed. The other night he must have had 10 books, an elmo doll, two blankets and a pillow that HAD to be in his bed before he would go to sleep. And when he gets up they all must also come with him.

But even with his strange quirks he is still such a doll and still melts my heart. And hey at least the quirks are entertaining, at least until I'm stabbed in the eye with that fork.

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Anonymous said...

Ladybug also has to have a gizillion things in bed with her. Three pink dogs, her disgusting lambie, Elmo, three blankets, a pillow, as many books as she can fit, her dollie, and at least one other stuffed animal. And she is still in her crib!