23 August 2010

Damn Barbies

I played with Barbies when I was a kid and really I LOVED it. I had so much fun playing Barbies. My Barbies had lives and stories, the whole nine yards. Ask my sister, she'll tell you. She will probably also tell you my Barbies were also sometimes gay, and silly and sometimes they had a lot of sex. And poor Ken, there was a like a 10:1 ratio. Ken had many roles - Father, brother, boyfriend, etc.

But now not so much. Now, I CANNOT STAND IT. I am happy Sweet Girl has Barbies and enjoys playing with them. She has a castle instead of a dream house. She has a jeep and carriage instead of the corvette. She has an assload of Barbies, still only 4 Ken dolls so the ratio is the same even now. And when she asks me if I want to play Barbies with her I cringe. Because I don't to play. I cannot explain it. I would rather watch Barney for 24 hours straight than play Barbies. I try to divert her and play something else, like a game or cards or something. Sometimes this works. Sometimes it doesn't and I have to play. I do my best to seem interested and excited about it. But I have to tell you it's like some form of torture for me.
Don't get me wrong I love doing things with her and playing with her, just not playing Barbies.

She'll probably end up in therapy because I didn't engage with her on things SHE liked to do.


Deanna said...

It sounds like she enjoys playing Barbies with you more than I did. You never did play right, you forgot to mention cutting all their hair off and making them sick and dying.
Geesh, it is a wonder I am not therapy.

K. Messerly said...

Love it and agreeing 100%!