17 September 2010

New Routine

Today marks the end of the second week I have not worked. It has been strange not having to get up and flip on the laptop and start working. I honestly can't say I miss it at all. The first few days I always felt like I needed to check email or was late for a conference call. But now I don't even give that a second thought. I figured it would take longer but maybe it was due to not having a lot of time to give it some thought. Last week, the first week sans work, Little Man was home every day sick. He had some random fever and cough and the poor thing didn't do anything but lie in bed and watch TV.

So far this week, I've kept busy getting ready for our first Girl Scout meeting (quite a success I might add), had lunch with a friend, got my hair cut and colored and volunteered at Sweet Girls school two days. I have a new respect for teachers. I don't think I could that every day. I helped in Sweet Girls class working with groups doing contractions and writing sentences with quotes. I did enjoy it I must say and will probably try to do it weekly.

Now it's time to clean out Sweet Girls room, she's a bit of a hoarder and her crap needs to be thinned out. It's much easier to do when she is not around!


Crystal said...

That's so cool Danielle! :) Sounds like things are going great being at home. And sounds like it was perfect timing since Little Man got sick. :( Hope he's feeling better!

hillary said...

WOW! Did not realize that you were still blogging. Glad I stopped by to see, it has been so long since I have read any of your posts. How I have missed them. I have to say, I have spent the last hour reading, enjoying, and finding myself laughing. Im glad I got to catch up on whats been going on in your world. I Soooo Miss you guys. Keep the posts coming :)