16 October 2010

So Now What?

I thought for sure I would have more time to write posts after I stopped working but that just isn't the case. I used a lot of work time to do my blog posts and now that I don't actually sit down to work, I don't actually sit down to blog either. I think about it but don't login to do it. I find this weird.

Let's see what's been happening since my last slacker post. Sweet Girl has been coming out of her shell at amazing speed. She is making friends while shopping at the Pottery Barn Kids store and playing at various places. This makes me so happy. Little Man is growing an at alarming rate, with as many questions as he can muster. Lord the kid comes out with some good ones. And they are so random and all over the map. I mean all over, from why can't you see God to how does fire get on the ceiling. That is in one conversation! And he will NOT accept I don't know as an answer. I make up a lot of shit I don't know. I try to make it sound as good or logical as possible but if he remembers it at any point and repeats it I'm sure that will be just great.

Sweet Girl is enjoying Girl Scouts. I am enjoying Girl Scouts too, actually. I've only wanted a shot of hard liquor after one meeting. Yeah... um...we've only had two meetings. Actually I really do enjoy it, that one meeting was right during PMS. 15 six year olds and PMS yeah they don't mix. Don't try it, just trust me on that one. Or maybe if you're some kind of masochist you can try it. Go ahead but I warned you.

I'll be back and more regular. Like fiber.

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