21 October 2010

Up Down Up Down

I had a lunch date with my favorite Little Man the other day since Sweet Girl went to lunch with one her friends. So we headed to Joe's Farm Grill, one of our favorite places. It's a yummy farm restaurant that used to be someone house and is in the middle of an urban farm. There is also a coffee shop there that has cupcakes and assorted items and so I told him we could get desert there.

We finish up lunch and head over to get a cupcake. Little Man makes his selection of the cruelty free cupcakes (a little over the top if you ask me, I mean really you need cruelty free cupcakes??? Maybe it helps people with weird issues eat them, who knows. But a cupcake is a cupcake in my book and I really don't think the wheat used for the flour was treated cruelly in any other cupcake I've eaten. But I digress.). He selects a mixed berry with cherry frosting, it looks good. I go with the cruelly made choco chip pumpkin scone. It's not cruelty free, but I don't care because if you think about it, chewing it up into mush is pretty cruel too. So I eat that sucker and enjoy the whole damn thing. But again I digress.

I look over at Little Man who is looking down at his shorts with this odd look, which usually indicates he's spilled something. I take a look and nothings there. So I ask him what's wrong. And what he says is not anything I was expecting. I mean NOT EVEN CLOSE. He says "nothing is wrong, I'm making my penis move. Up down, up down, up down."
I stifle my laughter and tell him "That's great Little Man, now finish your cupcake."

Ah the joys of a boy!


Holli said...

Too funny!!!! The boys are very interested in their penis right now....and why don't mommies have one?

San Diego Momma said...

I'm not even kidding: He sounds just like my husband, who still does that to this very day.

Also...maybe "cruelty-free" cupcakes mean you don't "beat" the batter?

Bada Bum!


Crystal said...

Oh good Lord!! Is that what I have to look forward too??? :)

That's seriously funny though!

Cruelty-free cupcakes huh? WTH?