01 November 2010

More Tricks Than Treats!

Ah Halloween you were abundant with your tricks yesterday, so I'm glad you're gone for a year! We had quite the busy weekend and Halloween day too. And apparently the black cat that showed up at our Girl Scout ceremony crossed my path and brought along some bad luck we redeemed on Halloween.

Here is a run down of our tricks:

1. We did some "tailgating" before the Cardinals game, we were enjoying some music when it stopped and Leo asked me if I turned it off. I didn't. I asked him if the battery in the Ipod was charged. It was. So what happened? The truck battery was dead. Awesome. We have no jumper cables. Even more awesome. Leo asked some neighboring tailgaters if they had any, they had one of the jump pack things (official term, I have no idea) which was dead, but they had regular cables thankfully. Our offsetting good luck here was we had met some friends and they parked close to us. So into neutral the truck goes and we push it back so we can get a jump. It works and runs for a while.

2. Our friend breaks her shoe, the toe band of her flip flop came off. No luck with the super glue. Lucky for her she had a spare pair of shoes.

3. Leo dropped and stepped on his glasses. Broke the arm, but was able to fix it. But he scratched the lenses to hell.

4. Our shuttle driver that was taking us from the parking lot to the stadium got lost. Seriously we made a U-turn in a school bus. We were already cutting it close timewise and he made me miss the National Anthem. That may have been some luck because I generally tear up when I hear it and after the morning we've had I may have started balling.

5. Little Man fell asleep AT THE STADIUM. Yes so he's not feeling good. A sick kid on Halloween. Fun.

I have a feeling I'm missing one or maybe two. As luck would have it I forgot. Or suppressed it. Not sure which.

This week however will be better, my parents arrive tomorrow. Yay!
Sweet Girl turns 6 on Friday. Holy crap, 6!
I turn 35 on Friday, 1 more year then it's late-30's. Ugh.

Hope you had more treats!


San Diego Momma said...

Oh man. That WAS a tricky Halloween.
I'm sending you happy happy treaty treaty vibes!

K. Messerly said...

I laugh only because I recognize those type of days!