18 October 2010

It's About Time

I am probably going to jinx myself here but thank you Jesus for finally cooling the weather down for me. We had triple digits until the beginning of October. For the love of all that is holy that is just wrong. I know we live in the desert but seriously 106 on Oct 1? Wrong. Just wrong I tell you.

But right now there are 70's forecasted for this week! 70's!!! Of course this could change 10 times before Wednesday when the temp is supposed to be 76 and then 73 on Thursday! And next week it's even going to be 70. I am anxious to turn off our air conditioner and open the windows. I am anxious to feel the chill in the house and maybe even turning on the fireplace. I am also excited about wearing jeans and long sleeved shirts comfortably and shoes WITH socks! I love the flip flop but am ready for some actual shoes.

Here's to cooler weather!! Bring it on!

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