30 September 2011

The Joys of Being Knocked Up

Well getting knocked up at my age is proving much different then when I was pregnant with Little Man. That was five years ago. I do remember being tired but not really THIS tired. It's for a good cause though that's for sure. And I should get used to it since I expect to be this tired for the next oh five years or so.

The kids are excited about their new sibling. And much like the Super Mario Bros. game I am sure there will probably be fighting over who made the baby laugh last or who's turn it is to sit next to the new one. Or we could go in the exact opposite direction and while they are excited NOW once the new kid is out and here they will not want anything to do with him/her. But I am doubting that.

I don't have anything exciting to report besides being tired. But I was trying to keep in the routine of posting.

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