18 September 2011

Well That's New

Yeah let's see. What's new eh? Lots really. I won't mention I am a big slacker who never posts because in reality that's not new news. So now I actually have something fun and exciting to post about, but more about that later.

Last post was June 2nd. That's a long time ago. I'll bullet list what has happened since then.

1. Leo and I went to Hawaii to celebrate 15 years of wedded bliss. I ate so much food, I even took pics of it with all intentions of blogging about that shit but well you see how that turned out. Anyway, Hawaii is an incredibly beautiful place. I would seriously live there. And never leave the Coast. I also drank a shit ton and abandoned all responsibility, resulting in getting knocked up. By Leo just to set that record straight. I do some crazy shit when I drink but finding a new man is not one of them (at least not anymore now that I already have kids. Kidding Kidding, seriously I am joking).

2. Little Man turned five AND started Kindergarten. IN THE SAME MONTH. Holy shit. But he is doing FANTASTIC and I have to admit here that I am kind of shocked. He never showed much interest in academics. But he is rocking Kinder like a star. I am beyond happy. And when asked who his friends were this year he quickly replied "all the girls". Trouble is coming.

3. Sweet Girl is in 2nd grade and she reads the Dictionary for enjoyment as well as books beyond her grade level. She is a reading fanatic. I love it. But it's making me broke, even with the used book stores. Library won't work because she RE READS her books multiple times. She is kicking ass in Karate. She will best for her Orange belt soon. She is mean and I can't wait until she starts sparring. My sweet Girl putting the smack down. I love it.

So that's it, the new news. I am hoping at this point to really keep up with the blog, now that I have being knocked up and the joys and fears that brings with it to write about.
I'll back and you will probably learn more about me than you wanted to know. I'm like that you know, an over sharer.

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