04 June 2010


The blog is being neglected. I used to post pretty much every week day and slowly, slowly it's tapered off to once a week if I'm lucky. I'm not really sure why since I do enjoy writing. Funny how those things happen, I probably shouldn't let the things I enjoy get overshadowed by the things I don't. Sometimes I just don't have the energy to do it and I have grown weary of putting pressure on myself, since I do it for just about every other area of my life. I probably should work on that too.

We had a busy Memorial Day weekend. We went to an awesome state park - Tonto Natural Bridge. It was SO NEAT. We had a picnic lunch and then took the trail down to the bridge. Once down there we scrambled on rocks and enjoyed the beauty. The kids enjoyed climbing on the rocks and really so did I. I have to admit I do love doing that kind of stuff. When I was a kid I used to look at fields and rocks and think how fun it would be to run wild in those. Now I see the fields and I think the same things with the added thought of I wonder how many snakes and things are in there too? That never crossed my mind as a kid. The state is planning on closing this park and others due to budget. Really a shame. Maybe if we stopped having to pay to take care of illegals we could keep them all open. But I digress. Hopefully it's saved because I know we would go back often.

We also camped out in our backyard as a test run for our camping trip next weekend. It was a test for us to put up the tent and to see how the kids slept. The kids slept GREAT. They took a while to fall asleep but I assumed that was the excitement factor and being outside. I took longer to fall asleep only to be awoken multiple times in the middle of the night by the crowing of a rooster. If you thought roosters only crowed to wake people up at dawn, you would be WRONG. Apparently they crow ALL NIGHT LONG. Or these people trained it as an attack rooster and it was issuing warnings. Either way, it was damn annoying. Add in the COWS and some other random shrieking animal (OK the shrieking really freaked me out) and my sleep was not peaceful. I thought farm animals slept at night? I didn't know cows and roosters were NOCTURNAL...shows how much I know about farm animals...Hopefully we are farm animal free at our campground. I imagine we'll only have to deal with the occasional mountain lion or coyote...ha the irony.

We also saw Shrek 4, a good flick that I took a couple quick naps in thanks to the farm animals. So I missed a few parts, but that's OK.

Sweet Girl had her Kindergarten graduation this week. I can't believe she's going into 1st grade. and that really Little Man will be starting Kindergarten at this time next year. Jeez.

I started week 4 on my couch to 5K plan. I was afraid of week 4 because it is alot more running then walking. But I made it through the first workout without stopping! I was feeling really good about it.

Well that's all I got for now. No puke or injuries as of late. That's always a plus!

Have a great weekend!


Crystal said...

Dude, if my blog was a kid, they'd be calling CPS on my a$$.

Couch to 5K - awesome! I haven't made myself get back to a routine of anything yet - so I've gone to the gym twice, and have worked out with DVDs at home about 5 times. I must think this baby weight is just going to fall off by itself. Argh.

Hally said...

Found you through 'Hun...What's for dinner.'

We did the Couch to 5k last summer and it's such a great program. It made the intimidating so much less for me. We made it through a 5k for Alz.Assoc. with flying colors. Keep at it and week 4 was the toughest week by far. After that, you look at the iPod, 'huh? we're done?' Hang in there!