18 December 2010

The ONLY Time I will Complain About Rain

You'll never hear me complain about rain. NEVER. At least while living in AZ because we get oh so much rain. And you'll never hear me complain about clouds either. The ONLY time you'll hear me complain about rain is when I'm going to go on a trip. And it's mostly outside and costs a shit ton of cash. We're heading to Disneyland and the current forecast is rain for the first two days. I'm hoping like most weather forecasts it's wrong. Clouds? Fine. A little rain? Sure, not a problem, I won't even complain about that. A raging downpour? Absolutely not acceptable. NO NO NO. DAMNIT. NOT WHILE ON VACATION!!!

So if you pray, (I'll take any God at this point), say a prayer for us that we're not soaking wet walking around trying to enjoy Disney in all it's Christmas glory. I am SO excited about seeing it all decked out. I mean really excited here, so if the rain ruins that I'll be pretty pissed off. I might have some sort of Clark Griswold breakdown!

Peace Out and Rain free.

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