20 January 2011

Don’t Touch ANYTHING and Keep your socks ON!

Well Happy New Year! It's still January so that's a plus! So it’s been a while, I really am sucking lately. And I find that I am starting every blog post like this. I guess we all know by now that I am a SLACKER. So anyway now that we’ve established that, I’ve admitted it and we’re all good let’s talk about our trip to Disneyland.

But first, I hope everyone had a great holiday time with your family and friends. I hope Santa was good to you and you got what you wanted.

We had a good Christmas, despite the fact I ended up wicked sick and really to be honest don’t
remember much of Christmas Day or the day after. But anyway, I do remember the week leading up to Christmas. Oh yes. And with most of our trips it included an injury. Let me set the stage for you.

We’re going to sunny California to Disneyland. We surprise the kids. And let me tell you we probably wouldn’t have been chosen for those commercials where parents surprise their kids with that news. “Guess what kids? After the Polar Express in Flagstaff we’re not coming home, we’re going to Disneyland!” My kids just stared at us like we had 500 heads. Like we spoke gibberish. Like we told them we were going to the mall. That was their reaction. Until I guess it set in that we really were going to the land of Disney. Then they got excited. They are so weird.

We set off with a stop at the North Pole via the Polar Express, where my children, well more Sweet Girl, belted or rather shrieked out some Christmas carols. Wow, that was one loud train ride. We got our bell that we all heard jingle so I guess we all believe in Santa still. Until I get so nuts from hearing the jingle that I pry that sucker open and rip out the bearing. Luckily that didn’t happen. At least not yet. I should put those away until next year. Build up some tolerance.

Now we’re on our way to CA, we stop in a little town in Arizona. It made such an impression that I forgot its name. But I didn’t forget the Motel 6 we stayed at. They really should have turned their light “off” for us, so we had to go somewhere else. Wow. That place was GROSS. I actually wanted to sleep with my shoes on.
Don’t touch anything kids.
For the love of all that is holy PLEASE don’t put your face on the comforter.
Don’t touch the remote.
OMG the phone is STICKY.

I immediately itch, not because there are bed bugs (I checked…and lifted up the mattress and proceeded to wash my hands in bleach) but because it just seems like there are. I don’t sleep. Little Man is coughing. And they are PROUD to let you know that the Santa Fe train line comes through hourly and blows their horn at EVERY crossing. Really that’s the sign in the office. I know why they are so proud…

We leave the next morning but not before disinfecting ALL our stuff with Lysol before putting in the Yukon. No joke. I’m serious.

And on to sunny California, except yeah not that week. That week they had the worst rain storm they’ve had in like 20 years. There were states of emergency declared, mud slides, floods. And A LOT of rain. And not just a nice drizzle I mean a hard driving rain. The kind where you can’t see anything. I’m checking the forecast every five seconds on my phone (because I can now, I got a new one with Internet access and all that fancy shit). The forecast is not looking good. Rain EVERY day we are there. Red Alerts with EXCESSIVE rain warnings. Rain INCREASING AND Thunderstorms. I’m thinking, this is just great. All this damn rain. Maybe they are wrong, they are weather forecasters they are always wrong. I look at the radar; I pretend I’m color blind when all I see is a huge mass of green and red. And apparently they were right that time, those bastards.

But we go anyway. And more about that in the next post.

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