22 January 2011

Disneyland is SO MUCH FUN in the rain!

It’s Day 2 at Disneyland, and guess what it’s still raining. And umbrellas should be banned from the park. I got poked in the face, arm, etc with the points. It is seriously annoying. And really in driving rain, an umbrella doesn’t help much. I was jealous of the rain boots though, I have to admit that. And there were people in FULL rain gear: jackets, pants, shoes and hats. That would have been nice too. But all we had were the ponchos. They helped yes, but not that much. Add in some wind and poncho effectiveness is decreased. And ponchos don’t keep your butt dry.

We ride some more rides, we ride some rides multiple times. Like the Haunted Mansion. Little Man, obsessed with Jack Skellington and that ride. I think we rode that ride 8 times. Pirates multiple times too. In a hard driving rain Big Thunder Mt is fun but damn that rain stings.

That night I don’t think I had a dry spot from my boobs down to my toes. We had to find a launder mat to dry our shoes. I had to peel my jeans off me. Good Times.

We catch a small break from the rain on Tuesday and we actually have a full 12 hour day where we are mostly dry. Same with Wednesday, this was surprising because that was the day it was forecasted with EXCESSIVE rainfall, another 6-12 inches. Although Wednesday we had planned to go to the movies because we trusted the weather man. Should have known better, we saw a little sliver of blue sky and sun and we pretty much ran to park abandoning all reasoning because IT’S THE SUN for God's sake and we haven't seen that yet in "sunny" California. It did work out for us though, thankfully. We were able to go to California Adventure and got to see the World of Color. An amazing show all on sprays and jets of water. AMAZING. And we even get to catch the fireworks at Disneyland as we’re walking out of CA Adventure. They had been cancelled every night before. And some of the parks even closed early because of the weather.

Despite our grumblings at the start of our trip, I think we all feel the rain was actually a blessing.
Sometimes prayers are answered in a weird way. The rain actually kept a lot of the crowds away. We were able to get on and off rides without a wait. We rarely waited more than 10-15 minutes for a ride. And from what I understand that is extremely abnormal during Christmas at Disney. This was evident on Thursday when we decided to go back to the park before heading back home to AZ. The sun was out and holy crap so were the people. The wait times were more than tripled. It was difficult to walk around. Yes we may have been wet but we were able to do so much more. I would gladly go back to Disney in the rain again. But I would go with full rain gear, jackets AND pants AND boots.
And because of the rain we didn't take the strollers in the park because I wasn't going to push around that thing in the rain. And much to my surprise, my children never, not once, complain about having to walk. Shocking I know...

We rode only two rides I think on Thursday before heading home. And that was the beginning of
another adventure in itself. I will save that for the next post.

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