21 January 2011

CURB!! PUDDLE!! Where’s My Poncho?

So it’s barely raining now, this was after our making it to the hotel in torrential rain. God bless Leonard and his mad driving skills. We’re going to Disneyland because we can’t check into our hotel yet. And because yes it’s barely raining. But we stop and prepare ourselves with ponchos. Disneyland themed ponchos at that! We’re set.

We park, ride the tram to the entrance. And go in. And we are not in that park five minutes, not even down Main Street yet when my Mom trips over the curb and falls. She was so captivated by the giant ass Christmas tree and all its 1200 ornaments that she failed to see the curb transitioning up. I turn around and there is she on the ground. Yep this is definitely one of our trips now. If Little Man had turned around and puked on the curb it would not have shocked me. But thankfully he didn’t.

So after getting her to a bench and getting a ring of cast members surrounding her to save her from gawkers we head on down to first aid. She rides in style down Main Street in a wheelchair. She stays at first aid for a while and props her leg up to help swelling. And I am really impressed with her; the fall didn’t slow her down. She kept up with us the rest of the trip. I think she even surprised herself. And every time we got close
to a curb someone would yell “CURB!!!!!”

We rode ONE ride.

And then it starts raining. And the ponchos, pointless. Pants? Soaking WET. Shoes? Wet.

“PUDDLE” was yelled when a giant puddle was seen, one that would cover your shoe. I still walked in a few of them they were unavoidable and everywhere. My shoes have a large amount of mesh. Water and mesh? Not a good combo.

But we stay for a while longer in the rain, because damnit we paid to get in this place. And as we all know Disney ain’t cheap.

We head back to the hotel we’ve had enough for one day. We complain how much this sucks that it’s raining so much. And we are despaired at the forecast.

We dry our shoes with the blow-dryer that night.

And we sleep. And I’m sure we’re all praying that the rain lets up so we can enjoy the park. At least I know I am praying!

Stay tuned for Day 2 because my stories are long winded you know...

1 comment:

Kelly said...

First off, your mom is tough.

Second, why weren't you wearing your Keens, as then the water would have been a non-issue in your shoes.

Third, I almost spit my wine thinking that Little Man throwing up would have been classic at that point.

I love you guys!