23 January 2011

Traffic? More Like GRIDLOCK

Traffic in CA sucks ass. I think it took us 3 hours to go 4 miles after leaving Disney. That does not make for a carload of happy people. And I was hungry. I am not really all that nice when I am hungry and I was really hungry and ready to EAT. After leaving the stopped freeway to make our way to the Chik Fil A, I was better. I had food and drink and I was happy. All was good, except that we weren’t moving and our good trip time was wasting away by the second. Watching the arrival time on the GPS go from 9:01 PM to 11: 30 PM was a bit disappointing.

Then Sweet Girl has to go to the bathroom. And she’s crying because she REALLY has to go. We are stuck in traffic that’s not moving and there is a closure on the ramp we need and a detour coming up too. It’s like the bad things that happen in threes. Finally we find somewhere to get off, go in and she is still crying but there bathroom is out of order. Do you have another one we can use we have a child emergency. “NO, you can go down the street and turn right to the Circle K”. Gee thanks buddy. I hope you and all your co workers standing around with you crap your pants in public. Karma works you know.
We head over to the Circle K, we all get out again which is a pain in itself because we’re crammed in there with all our luggage, food, strollers, and assorted shit. And Little Man is not the quickest kid in the west. His nickname is Pokey. So we all go in and are informed they do not have public restrooms.
OMG seriously, I think Leo or I said how about she goes in the yard? The clerk kind of just stares at us. Obviously she’s not the sharpest tool in the west. Back in the car, I know the feeling Sweet Girl has. No one wants to crap their pants. Except I do want the clerks at the first place to crap their pants because they deserve it for being such jerks.

Finally we find somewhere, everyone is relieved. No one has peed or pooped their pants. At least to my knowledge. And our trip continues smoothly. We get home late, hit the sack and wake up fir Christmas Eve. And that is the end of our Disney Adventure. Overall a good one. Except for my souvenir cold but oh well, I think we all had fun anyway!

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Kelly said...

And that is why I still take the kids portable potty with us on car trips.