29 June 2009

Sheer Exhaustion

No post since Friday the 19th, I know. It's caused concern, I received an email from Angela at VivaCookvegas inquiring about my status since it is so unlike me. I am fine, well except for suffering from exhaustion.

Exhaustion induced by a trip back to TN for work. For the past 7 days I have done nothing but go go go. Running on less nightly sleep than I am used to, recovering from being sick and feeling a slight relapse while I was in TN.
During my work week, I think I only spent a total of 2 hours at my desk for the ENTIRE week. I got lost in the headquarters building a few times, wandering around trying to find my way.

I arrived back in Arizona safely on Friday afternoon, only to work that evening from 8 PM to 4 AM so I was up 24 hours. I got 3 hours of sleep in my own comfy bed to get up and go again. Meeting Leo at a nice resort in Scottsdale for a day of fun and an evening of yummy food and drinks. It was nice yes, but I missed my home, my bed and the kids.

I don't even know where to begin, what to share with you. Hell I haven't even had a chance to organize my own thoughts.
I'll be back later. I need to go find myself.

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Crystal said...

Yeah - I was going to email you to see WTF, but I figured as soon as I did that, you would post some horrendous story about falling and breaking your leg and then your house was swept away by a tornado (in Arizona), and yada yada - and then I would have felt like I dork for emailing you to see WTF. ;)

Glad you're back and hope you can get some good rest soon!