03 June 2009


I had a great post for you today. I mean it was totally awesome. But you won't get that today. I was writing it last night...at midnight....IN.MY.HEAD. Yes I concocted a great post for you but alas today I have forgotten most of it. I know the gist I was going for but if I tried to recreate it today, it just wouldn't be the same and would pale in comparision to the post in my head. So this will probably be a mismash of random thoughts thrown together because I haven't had a post since Friday and it's now Wednesday and I am sadly behind.

We saw Glenn Beck last night. He was live in Phoenix. A good show for sure. And his message is good whatever side of the fence you are on in the political arena. Everyone has to realize we're heading down a road far from where we started. Change is fine and usually good, UNLESS you're trying to change the fundamental principles of our country. Then sadly that kind of change is NOT good.

I can't believe in one month Little Man is going to be 3! 3, OMG he's getting bigger. He went to the doctor yesterday because he is snoring like a grown man. It sort of freaks me out and sure enough his breathing pathway is very restricted. So off to the ENT we go. His tonsils are not "over sized" but they are on the larger side of normal for his age. Poor kid.

We're heading to Flagstaff this weekend and to go to the Grand Canyon. I love the Grand Canyon. It will be nice to go again and gaze at the wonder of the Canyon.

Well enough rambling for me. I also did win some awards, I will use those for tomorrows post!


Chuck and Kami said...

Love Glenn Beck

Crystal said...

Yay for the mishmash! :) I also concoct posts in my head, but they rarely actually make it to my blog. hehe

Awwww...Little Man is going to be 3! How fun! Sorry to hear about his larger side of normal tonsils.

And have fun at the Grand Canyon...I'm still too freaked out to bring my children there.

Kelly said...

Awww, poor baby. So will they take his tonsils out? I'm sure he'll feel better afterwards.

We like Glenn Beck too.

I can't wait until we can come out and visit the GC.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

I loved Flagstaff & Grand Canyon; have fun!

And may I recommend a notepad & pen by your bed? Not to mention wherever you might be (I start composing in my head and immediately grab the nearest paper because it will NEVER turn out as brilliant the next day).

Though this was still a pleasant assortment of tra-la-la :D