14 May 2010

Ahh Friday

It's been a rough week. I've been battling what I thought were allergies due to the blooming Palo Verde trees (they are the weirdest trees, they are green and they look like aliens in my opinion). But I don't think it's just allergies, I think I have some kind of cold as well. I've been coughing and OMG my chest, it's killing me. The Mucinex helped. A little.

Today I feel better physically. Mentally I'm a little blah.

My parents are going home on Sunday.

I really like having them here so I'll miss them. Leo will miss them too. And probably most of all the kids will REALLY miss them.

But we'll be OK, we'll see them in a few weeks when we head to the beach. And they'll be back. Hopefully sooner then planned.


Angela said...

You really need to quit smoking!!

Michelle said...

hope you are feeling better!