13 May 2010


I live in Arizona. I am surrounded by the immigration law drama. I have to at times stop watching or reading because I am amazed at just how stupid some people are. And what's even more disappointing is that the media is just as bad. It would be helpful if the media would actually READ the bill. It would also be helpful if politicians including the President read it as well.

Here is a link to it so you can read it. It's not that long even, but if you're going to report on it or discuss it shouldn't you be informed?

And just FYI:

The SB1070 law mimics a current federal law. So I hope the city of LA decides to boycott the Feds now too. Personally I think we should cut off their power and water supply that they get FROM ARIZONA.

The law does NOT state that the police can pull you over, demand immigration papers and then deport you immediately.

You do NOT have to passport to enter Arizona (this is my personal favorite).

I'm sure there are countless other misinterpretations of the law so that the media can spin it and make Arizona look like this horrible horrible place. But isn't it funny that there are multiple other states that are looking to do the same thing as Arizona? I hope they all do.
So come on, come visit Arizona!


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Kelly said...

You know hopefully we'll be there next year!!!

Angela said...

As usual people blow everything out of proportion and put their own spin on things. Very frustrating. I personally don't care who immigrates here as long as they are tax paying and legal!