03 May 2010

Flood of Emotion

If you've seen any news lately you know that the Nashville, TN area is experiencing devastating floods. I have to say I am thankful to be living in Arizona at this time but this does make me feel very odd. It's like a strange sense of guilt. I can't really explain it. Like I should be there and experiencing that with all those people too. Why do I feel this way? I guess because in some way I consider that area my home. It took me a long time to feel that way but I guess meeting Leo, getting married, building my first house, and having my children there have me more connected to that area then my own birthplace of Detroit.

And now to see it experiencing catastrophic flooding has me feeling a little strange. Guilt and relief at the same time is not a normal combination. And is hard to deal with.

I think about the house we built and wonder how it fared, I heard reports that the area is quite bad but it was up a hill so maybe the higher ground saved it? And why do I care about a house that is not even mine anymore? I guess because we choose everything in it and watched it being built that I guess I still consider it mine in someway. I wonder what it would be like for us if we were still there? Would we be flooded in? Would we have lost everything? Or at least have sustained damage on our bottom floor? I guess having these thoughts is pointless, other than using them to realize just how lucky we are that we're not having to deal with all that. But there are so many people that are. I hope the waters recede quickly.


Kelly said...

Well I drive down Concord on my way to work and your old area looked ok as far as I could see.

We Want Tessert said...

Guilt and relief are the norm for me this week. We were so close to having our home flood and I'm so happy that it didn't. However, I feel terrible for others in our neighborhood and the thousands in Nashville who have suffered.

I think we always claim a little ownership to the places we've lived. 'Hope your previous home if OK.