29 April 2010

Food - Do You Know Where Yours Comes From?

I saw a review on some website about the movie Food, Inc. so I ordered it from Amazon. I was intrigued by the movie and also wondered how they would spin it. I wasn't really excited about the fact it was made by the same people that did An Inconvenient Truth, but alas I would give it a shot. And while it did have some propaganda in it, I took away quite a lot. I guess I never realized the hamburgers I was eating at certain places had "filler" meat in that had been washed with ammonia. Gross. It was just gross. And, the whole genetically modified stuff FREAKS me out for some reason. And it's in EVERYTHING.

And why the government or some groups don't feel it's necessary to tell me if I'm eating cloned meat is just wrong. I have a right to choose if I want to eat cloned meat! And I have to say I would choose NOT to eat cloned meat.

We decided to try to make some changes after watching this movie.
  • We planted a garden. Our own vegetables growing right in our backyard. And I have to say I've really enjoyed it so far. We have some tomatos growing and soon some peppers will be popping out. We planted all our favorites.
  • I signed up for a organic fruit and veggie basket to be delivered. All locally grown. The pears have been FANTASTIC.
  • We'll be ordering our own cow. No, not to live in our backyard. But I did do some searches for grass fed, no hormones, no antibiotic pasture raised cows. And I found one here in AZ, Leo called the slaughterhouse and it will only be our cow that will be processed at that time so no mixing of others in there. We'll be freezing a lot of cow here soon.
  • And we'll try to support as much local farming as possible.

Watch the movie I guarantee it will change your perception of food!

Also check out the Eat Well Guide. It has a lot of great info hopefully about your own local options!

And if you're in Arizona, Georgia, or the Ohio River Valley check out Natures Garden Delivered for your own local organic delivery of fruits and veggies.

Also in Arizona check out Support Local Arizona and Arizona Local Foods


Basha's Mama said...

I like that idea of "buying the cow". *ha ha ha*

No really, I do like it. It's hard to find grass feed beef with no hormones. Although you don't always have to watch for the "organic" label on beef. If it's organic that means no antibiotics have ever been used but that limits the farmer to not being able to give antibiotics to slightly sick cows. It's more about knowing your local farmer and the condition the cow was raised in. I wish everything were more clearly labeled too - it's just gross.

San Diego Momma said...

So will you get the milk for free?


Angela said...

We grow vegetables every year and the boys love taking care of it all. Hopefully the nostalgia will never wear off (less work for me!)
Get ready for the amount of meat involved in a cow. We split a cow (sounds hilarious) with a friend and ran out of room in the freezers. Had to store the rest at the in-laws!

Kelly said...

Yep, Sean has been wanting to buy a cow for a while, but it will have to wait until we have more room and can get a deep freezer!