20 April 2010


We headed to Vegas last week for a trip away while we had built in babysitters. We were both really looking forward to it. The first few days were for pleasure and then Leo had a work conference and I worked from the hotel.

We were at the snazzy Signature Towers of the MGM Grand. The non gaming part of the MGM and about a quarter mile hike to the actual casino. We walked our asses off there. Well not literally because mine is still pretty large so basically we walked A LOT. Our room was on the 38th floor, the top floor. Our ears popped in the elevator and I couldn't go on the balcony because holy crap the 38th floor is high.

I enjoyed a hot stone massage, it was heavenly. Then I got a citrus cocoa wrap. I was a mummy slathered in chocolate. It was very nice and then I started to get a little claustrophobic. I was wrapped up and covered in warm towels, I had cucumbers on my eyes and I was getting warm. And then I would fall asleep, and then I would wake up and freak out, calm myself down and then fall asleep and do that whole thing over a few times. So I was totally relaxed, freaked out, totally relaxed, freaked out, etc. You get the picture. I finally had to ask when it was going to end because I was ready to be unwrapped! But it was overall very nice.

We ate yummy food. We only have a few drinks. We had good talks. Leo played Black Jack and won some cash. I played Roulette and won some cash which if I had stayed away from the table I would probably still have. Oh well. It was fun. I wandered around the casino aimlessly at times when I didn't feel like sitting and watching Leo play Black Jack.

We saw Cirque's 'O' and Zumanity. Both excellent shows. And both had those amazing acrobatic moves where those people have amazing muscle tone, core strength and flexibility. Wow. And WOW again.

It was nice, I was ready to come home and see the kids. But not really ready to go back to the reality of working. I'm really ready for the permanent vacation!

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