21 April 2010

Weird. There Is No Other Word For It.

People are weird. I've always known this. And I know some are REALLY weird. But this just takes the cake. Seriously.

This man is making art out of the ashes of cremated dogs and cats. WTF? W.E.I.R.D.
Read on here. I do have to laugh at the author's constant puns included in the article. But I'm sorry, I do not wish to have art or any other assorted jewelry from my dead relatives or animals.
My Mother thinks making beads out of your ashes is cool. Again I'm going with weird. Sorry there Mom, but I won't be wearing your ash beads. Can you imagine the conversation and looks you would get when someone complimented you on your dead relatives ash beads and then inquired where you got them?

"Oh yeah that's my dead Mother, we melted down her ashes to make this bracelet". How would you respond if someone told you that?

I think that might be the end of that conversation.

And they may back away slowly.

I probably would.