28 April 2010

Representing The 313

Ok, so today is Wednesday and I'm doing San Diego Momma's PROMPTuesday today.

Here's the low down:
Do you remember where you grew up? The town, the house, the apartment, the street, the lane, the city, the grassy field? Please describe it in every detail.

I remember the house on Windsor in Detroit where I grew up with fond memories. I can remember the full address and phone number too. I remember the white sided house with detached garage. It was on a great double lot. The house was 2 bedroom and 1 bath. The bedroom upstairs was one giant room with a giant wool rug covering the hardwood floor. In the center of the rug was cut around the metal air return. My dad painted the hard plaster walls a mint green color. I used to use it as a chalk board to play school. And it hurt if you ran into it because there was no give! There was on small closet and a wardrobe by the door. There was also a small "sitting room" off to the corner. The room as I remember was pretty big. If I went back now it would probably seem so small. I used to keep my bed by the windows because in the summer it was so warm, we didn't have air conditioning. I would listen to the sounds of the city going to sleep every night. The constant hum of something going on lulled me to sleep.

The steps leading up to the room, turned and had steps shaped like triangles. They always reminded me of pieces of toast. I would often douse the floor by the steps with pledge to make it supper slippery, then get a running start slide on the floor and jump down the 4 steps to the piece of toast landing. It's a wonder I never flew out of the landing window. But it was fun.

The basement was an awesome skating rink until finished it and then it had carpet, which is kind of difficult to roller skate on. But before it was finished we would skate around it like crazy.

I can still hear the chain of the garage doors as they opened. We would open the side window in the garage to put the radio in the window so we could hear some tunes in the pool. The pool was in the backyard and where we spent most of the summer. We would walk carefully across the paver patio because if you weren't careful damn you would stub your toe on the pinkish pavers.

We had a double driveway as well, I can still see my dad cleaning the driveway with the hose and I can hear the Tiger games on the old old old radio.

I can see the garden in the big side yard next to the garage. We had lots of tomatos, cucumbers, peppers, onions, and other things I can't remember. In the corner of that garden was a maple tree I planted on a whim. I thought it was a weed, but it wasn't and it grew to be a pretty big tree. We also had two other maples in that yard - Jean and Willard named after my grandparents. I used to love when a storm was coming and the wind would blow the leaves to the silver side. The contrast against the grey clouds was so cool. The border around the grass had all kinds of flowers, peonies, roses, hostas and a giant forsythia bush. We used to get the hosta leaves and make "tacos", hosta leaves for shells, dirt for meat and grass for lettuce. Thankfully we never actually ate them.

Good memories of that house, I could probably write a book giving you all the detail!

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San Diego Momma said...

I am so INTO reading those memories.

Isn't it amazing how vividly we can call up details of our childhood homes?

Makes me wonder what my daughters will say when they're my age.

Thanks for sharing. :)