23 July 2009

The Booty

There is a whole lost of booty shaking going on at our house. Sweet Girl LOVES to shake her booty!
...in the bath
...during dinner
...watching tv
...in the car
...in the pool
Well you get the idea.

She asks Little Man to shake his booty with her. I'm not sure where the booty obsession came from or how it developed.

There is also another booty obsession at our house....it's the Pirates Booty. Have you ever had this stuff? White Cheddar Puffed rice? Holy shit that stuff is good! And the kids love it. And they ask for it, even in public... "I want some booty", yes you can imagine the weirdo looks we get when your kids starts asking for booty.
Little Man will run around saying "I love boooottttyyyy". Also very funny, and so far has only been said in our house not out in public. But give it time. I'm sure we'll be getting more weird looks when a 3 year old busts out with "I love booty".

If you haven't tried Pirates Booty, I highly suggest it. You can eat some and then burn it off by shaking your booty...win win!


Angela said...

Please elaborate on the Pirate's Booty. Sounds yummy. Oh, HELLO MCFLY, you seriously do not know where your kids come up with this stuff. I have known the two of you since 1995 and I have the answer! Ask Leo about the big Q tip I brought home for him one day. That should give you some insight as to what is in store for you!

Anonymous said...

Funny funny, we have a great picture of Sweet Girl taking a picture of Little Man sticking his "Booty" out ,oh gosh miss them like crazy
Love & Kisses

Stu said...

Here here to Pirate's Booty, and we totally love saying it.