07 July 2009

The Eerie Silence

Our house is quiet now. After a weekend of a lot of people over it's eerily quiet. We had 5 extra people in our house. We had a great weekend, there was a lot of food eaten and a lot of beer consumed. I mean A LOT of beer.

Everyone enjoyed themselves. We even had a thunderstorm on Friday night. It cooled the air down and provided a nice breeze. It was a wondrous night to sit on the patio and enjoy all the company.

Little Man had an excellent birthday. He cleaned up with a lot of loot. We ended up getting him Lincoln Logs, a transformer and a dinosaur. He got lots of neat dinosaurs and dragons. Cool stuff. And he got this snazzy Viewmaster that projects on the wall and talks.

And now we're back to the usual routine. Kids are in school, we are back at work and tonight is swim lessons.

Back to normal I guess.


Angela said...

Those sound like some great gifts! I may steal a couple. I cannot believe our babies are 3! When did this happen?

Crystal said...

Awwww...sounds like it's kind of sad to return to "normal" - don't you wish we could just have friends and fun all the time? ;) Glad Little Man had a great bday!

LarryG said...

twitter twitter! :)