14 July 2009

Dry or Not, 112 is HOT (and gross and wrong)

Welcome to July in Phoenix/Chandler. Our temps are up into the 110's. Like 112, 113, 114, and even a disgusting 115.
The fact it's a dry heat becomes moot in my opinion when temps get this high. It's just plain hot and disgusting and gross. I mean it basically feels like you're in an oven. Below 108 the fact it's dry does in fact make a difference, because we can move to the shade to cool off, you can't really avoid humidity even in the shade.

On the Danielle meter this weather is the worst. Here is the Danielle meter breakdown:
Hot = Worst
Warm = Good
Cool = Better
Cold = Best

So same with last year, I start yearning for the cooler temps of fall. Hell at this point I would be happy with 95!


Crystal said...

Dude...I was so over being a Phoenician today. Ugh. It's totally dumb when you are still sweating after you've been sitting in the A/C in the car for 5 minutes, just because you walked from Target's exit doors to your car.

Basha's Mama said...

My dry/humidity meter ends at 100. Anything over 85 with humidity is too hot. Anything over 100 with no humidity is too hot. I'd be delighted to live in San Diego for the rest of my life.