13 July 2009

Speak No Evil

I'm curious as to what kinds of things my kids repeat at school. We have some pretty random and odd sayings around here that I am sure would make their teachers think 'what the hell' if they are in fact repeated.

So far I haven't received any notes because they are concerned that my kid is walking around calling others "Crap Pants" if they have poop in their diaper.

Or if they tell some kid "You'll hurt yourself and then we're gonna lose the house" when they are doing something dangerous or something they are not supposed to.

Or "I have replacement ears" because for some reason Little Man's original ear was broken. He does point to his left ear and proclaims it's his "new" ear. And knows the right one is the "old" one.

Or they may affectionately ask someone "do I need to cut it off?" when they have an injury of an arm, hand, leg or foot.

Or "Settle down Beavis" if someone is acting crazy.

Or "What the heck?" if something is out of the ordinary. (And yes believe it or not it is HECK).

Or "I lose my feet when I wear pajamas" because Little Man thinks his feet disappear when he wears footed pajamas.

I am sure we have some other random comments that they will repeat. But it's all good.

I just hope the notes don't start coming...


Angela said...

What a great way to teach little man his left and right! Old ear, New ear...ingenious!

AMB said...

I'm still laughing over the "you'll hurt yourself and then we'll lose the house." lol