20 July 2009

Too Much

I have too much going on at both work and home. Here is just a rundown, if there are any readers even left. I have been such a fickle poster as of the last few months.

Little Man had his tonsils and adenoids out last Friday. He's recovering nicely and aside from me being really nervous on Sunday he is much better today. Almost back to his old self and trying to electrocute himself by plugging and unplugging things.

My parents left this morning. Very sad and difficult. It certainly was nice having them here for this long. Sweet Girl had a really hard this morning and just burst into tears as we were getting ready to leave for school. I feel so bad for her.

I have more projects at work then I have time or presence to fulfill. Something will get dropped, forgotten, or lost in translation. This is not my favored working environment. Busy is good but overloaded is not.

I have another allergy attack or something. I'll blame it on the dust storm the other night. It occurred after that. So I feel like crapola. My head is congested and I'm sneezing and coughing. It's a great feeling. Especially considering the next item below with the hot ass weather.

I hate summer in Phoenix, the last few days have been 114+. I'm sorry but give me 32 degrees, sweaters and a jacket and I'll be happier. The pool isn't refreshing. I don't even want to go outside.

We had the best thunderstorm last night, it even hailed. It was awesome. And it even rained more than 3 mins. It was almost 30 mins of rain. Too bad it will only do it once or twice a year.

Sweet Girl has just adjusted to her glasses and now she has to get bifocals. So I'm praying for not another long adjustment period. At least the frames won't change but the lenses will obviously.

Good times. Good times.


Crystal said...

Sorry to hear about all the overwhelmingness - I'm kinda there too. Hope Little Man gets to feeling better soon - if he's already trying to electrocute himeself I'm sure he's not far away from being 100%. ;) That sucks that your parents went home - I'm sure it's hard on the kids and you. :( And bifocals for Sweet Girl?? I hope she's able to adjust to those quickly - I gotta get my other girls' eyes checked, cuz if mom and big sister have sight issues, I'm sure 1 out of the other 3 will too. bleh. And to end on a happy note - HAVE A GREAT DAY! ;) (and what the hell, you got rain?? we didn't get rain!)

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear all of this :(

Hope you can have a moment of peace each day (shower?), to regroup & recharge. I'll send you positive, calm energies...

Natalie said...

Sorry things are a all heaped up on you at one time! Speedy recovery wishes to Little Man! I hope Audrey gets adjusted to the new bifocals and the absence of Gaga and Grandad. :(
Get well soon!