08 October 2009

Airplanes and Steroids Don't Mix

I hope you never have to fly with a kid that is coming down from a steroid high. It makes plane travel very interesting.
Little Man was coming off his high as we were flying to Tampa on the first stop of our journey. I was fearful of his behavior and while it wasn't as bad as I anticipated it wasn't his normal flight behavior.
Aside from only watching a movie for say oh 10 mins and then basically DEMANDING another movie, and the moment he screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO with fists flying in the air and kicking the seat in front of him and wanting more 100 calorie packs of the Oreo thins, the flight was fine. He actually feel asleep as we were taxing for take off. And would have slept longer if the pilot hadn't talked really loud indicating we had reached our cruising altitude of 39,000 feet. I want to curse him but since he was really in control of my life at that moment I didn't say any bad things about the wonderful pilot that flew us from Phoenix to Tampa.

After arriving in Tampa we headed over to our friends Craig and Doris' house for a while. We were happy to see them and all their kids. They have cats and dogs and poor Little Man is allergic to both of them. Our friends were nice and put all the animals outside and did a vacuum run before we got there, it helped until about 2 hours in. Then it was time for us to go.

We headed to Clearwater Beach the next day with Doris. All their kids were in school so Doris, the kids and I went to the beach. It was nice, I had a wonderful time watching the kids in the sand, watching the ocean, and having good conversation with Doris. And a word of advice if you have a boy and he has a bathing suit that is prone to sag, you should apply sun screen down his pants to account for said sag. I get the good mother award (not) for failing to do this and pool Little Man ended up with a giant red stripe (I could have drank one that point) on his back. I felt horrible. He woke up the next morning complaining his back hurt and when I carried him he asked that I put my hand on his bum instead of his back. Oh the guilt!

Sweet Girl was convinced she saw two stingrays in the ocean. A mommy and a baby. She has a good imagination, as I didn't see any rays and if so I would have gone running out of the water like a nut. I did see a lot of fish though.

And then it was on to Disney, more on that tomorrow!

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