12 October 2009

Wonderful World of Disney

Ok, so I better get this down before I forget all our wonderful times we had at Disney. It was a great trip. And I am really really happy we traveled with another family. It really made the difference.

We arrived at Disney on Friday and checked into our hotel and got settled. We then decided to head over to the Magic Kingdom for a bit. On our way out, we ran into our friends that were just arriving, they hung out at the hotel to get settled.
We got into the park just a parade was going on, it was so cool. I think I was on the verge of tears more than the kids.
We rode some rides in Fantasyland and tried to head over to the Haunted Mansion. I loved this ride as a kid. We got in and Sweet Girl has a breakdown and we have to leave. Leo rides alone as we wait by the exit for him. One of the ushers asked if we wanted to ride by going straight to the ride, I thought Sweet Girl would go for it but no such luck. Little Man and I headed in and he enjoyed it and then we got stuck. For a good 5 mins, the ride didn't move...good times.
We headed back to the hotel then and met up with our friends for a nice evening before hitting the sack for our first "official" day at the Magic Kingdom.

Saturday at the Magic Kingdom was a little hot and very sticky - we're are not used to THAT kind of humidity. Ugh. But it was great. We were there for a while and then headed back to the hotel for a nap before we were to return to the MK for dinner in the Castle at Cinderella's Royal Table. We got a photo with Cinderella and saw the Fairy Godmother and some of the mice. It was a good meal.
The park was open until 11 that night so we headed back around after dinner, got stuck in a bit of rain which was actually fun. The stroller was drenched. We rode Pirates I think twice that night. I think we got back to the hotel at 11, only to get up the next morning at 7 again. We wore those kids out!

Sunday was Animal Kingdom day. By far my least favorite park, but ironically where we had the best meal and they had the best roller coaster. We took advantage of their rider swap program by finding a nice little loophole (oh the benefits of traveling with another family!). The safari "ride" was the best of that place. And it really did feel like we were in Africa with the heat. It was the hottest day I think.

Monday was Hollywood Studios. We got a little later start this day, and met at 9 instead of 8. The extra hour of sleep did the kids some good. I didn't think we would spend as much time here as we did. It was a GREAT park. I really liked it. Sweet Girl rode her first thrill ride by going on the Tower of Terror with me. It was really cool, basically we dropped 13 stories and shot back up. We saw Beauty and the Beast on stage and it was great as well. Some stunt shows and that completed our day at the Studios.

Tuesday was water park day. We had fun at Typhoon Lagoon. The kids enjoyed the slides and even rode by themselves on a tube slide. It was really fun. I had a moment of panic as I lost Little Man at the kiddie play area. Then there was the wave pool. The kids LOVED the 6 foot waves that were pushed out of that thing. We would go about middle of the "pool" and ride that wave. It was really fun. The pool was pretty wide and then opened wider at a certain point where the kiddie slides were at the "shore" of the pool. Even though this was far from the waves coming through it would create a little bit of force so much it knocked Sweet Girl out of my hands and pushed her so she was wrapped around some poor ladies legs. I was thankful she was there, it was kind of funny because she was just swept away. One min I had her hand the next I look down and away she is going.

Wednesday - This was Bibbi Bobdi Boutique day and this deserves it's own post. We had a beautiful Belle and a very handsome Snow White....

Thursday and Friday - We hit Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom again. It was great.

I'm sure I missed a lot of details here, I will have to do another post as I think about it some more!

Overall it was a great trip. We learned that Sweet Girl exhibits traits of being a highly sensitive child. She had a lot of crying breakdowns, I felt bad for her. And was a little embarrassed since we were traveling with others. But after some quick reviews online mid trip, I found a new tactic to handle that worked a little better. Sweet Girl loved Big Thunder Mountain at MK. We wore the kids out, had great food, great company. And spent an assload of money on souvenirs. I'm ready to go back!


Kellt said...

No need to be embarrased, we had a wonderful time with you guys. I don't think A is ready to go back, too whiney, but maybe a girl trip with M and Sweet girl next year????

We Want Tessert said...

Loved reading about your trip! How can you not have fun....even with mini breakdowns and a rain shower along the way?!? Thanks for sharing.

Basha's Mama said...

You'll have to share the tips with me for when my "sensitive" child breaks down. We couldn't survive Germantown. :)