13 October 2009

Bibbi Bobdi Boutique

Glitter. Oh.My.Goodness. The glitter that we had from our wonderful time at the Bibbi Bodbi Boutique, it was EVERYWHERE! For DAYS!
But it was a highlight of our Disney adventure. The kids, yes even Little Man, got to experience a day of being a princess. We arrived early at the castle for our reservation to get all done up in full on princess style. Dresses, shoes, wands, nail polish, makeup, hair cement, and glitter (x100). Our party covered most of the major princesses:
Snow White

We were one good looking group!

Sweet Girl was a beautiful Belle. She looked great in her fancy yellow dress, and rainbow sparkle shoes, all her beautiful makeup and her hair cemented on her head in a pretty crown. She was really impressed when she saw herself as they turned her around to face the mirror. She was so beautiful.

Little Man made quite the handsome Snow White. He declined the hair and makeup though, and only opted for the dress (while REFUSING to take off his clothes underneath), PINK sparkle shoes, and a wand. He did end up with glitter in his hair but that was all and he was NOT pleased with it at all. We got some looks, and questions about why "SHE" didn't like to have long hair. They were surprised when I said 'HE's a boy'. Oh the looks. They didn't stop all day. Some were looks of understanding, acceptance and the occasional horrified look of that boy is IN A DRESS, WHAT KIND OF MOTHER ARE YOU? I ignored those looks. I mean the kid was outnumbered with three GIRLS. He had to fit in somehow and he was quite PROUD in his Snow White getup. He did look cute and did provide us with some wonderful blackmail pics, he will certainly not enjoying seeing when he is 16. I was fine with my Sweet Little Man in a dress.

The other two girls were very beautiful in their Cinderella and Aurora dresses. We were difficult to miss with a party of 4 decked out princesses!

We then headed over to the BEST character meal of our trip. It was at the Auckerhaus in Epcot's Norway. Where each princess visited us at the table for autographs and pictures. Snow White was the best (or so I was told since I was up getting food at the buffet line...I am disappointed I missed it), trying to get Little Man to talk or take a picture with her. We did get some shots of him being all shy though. Sweet Girl enjoyed the day meeting all the princesses and did great taking her picture with them.

The weather was LOVELY this day as well. It was cooler and not nearly as humid. And I gotta tell you, if you're in France (at Epcot anyway) you MUST stop and get the Grand Marnier frozen drink. Holy Smokes was it good. And maybe you'll also be traveling with another family and you too can enjoy the pretzel rod with cheese from Germany that results in weird and perverted comments.

And as with all our trips where someone has to get hurt or sick. Epcot was the scene of Sweet Girl falling off a ledge. Luckily she was not badly injured, a small scrape and bruise on her arm. A lot of tears and thankfully no ripping of that beautiful Belle dress.

This was by far our longest day out and about. We started at 7 AM and didn't get back to the hotel until almost 8. But overall a wonderful day. Dress up, adventure, food, fun, drinks and great friends. It was pretty much perfect.


Crystal said...

Whew - I'm tired just reading all of that. When we lived in Anaheim, we went to Disney quite a bit, and never stayed more than a few hours at a time. I can't imagine being out for 12+ hours!! Eeeek!

The princess-ing sounds like a blast! Sounds like Little Man rocked the Snow White look! :)

Ahhhh...Gran Marnier...how I miss thee. ;)

AMB said...

I can't wait to see pictures!

Kelly said...

Definitely our longest day. And Snow White was the best with Little Man!!

Oh, and don't forget the frozen rum drink at the Puerto Rico stand, I know you missed that one but it rocked also. MMM

stephanie (bad mom) said...

I am terribly jealous of the princesses (and prince). :D