19 October 2009

Why? Why? Why?

Little Man's favorite word: Why?
Little Man's favorite phrase: Why Mommy?
Usage: Constant

The kid is WEARING me out with this. I mean it's constant. It is a constant non stop barrage of 'Why Mommy?' to anything I say or he sees on TV or outside.

It's a real joy to watch a movie with him.

I try to give him meaningful answers that actually answer his questions, which then results in more Why's. And sometimes we go in a complete circle with the answers and end up right back at the original thing that caused the first Why. And he doesn't like the answer 'I don't know', but sometimes I REALLY don't know! And if I make stuff up, my luck that will be the info he'll go to school and share with all his friends and teachers.

SOMETIMES if I'm lucky I'll answer and he'll say 'OK Mommy'. But that's rare. REALLY rare!

I don't want to squash his inquisitive little mind because wow is it inquisitive, but jeez I need a break from the Whys. And I tried the trick my friend Kelly suggested by replying to his Why, with 'What do you think', that worked for about 2 days and then he caught on. Now he says 'I want you to answer'.

I will probably wish for this stage to return when the kid is a teenager.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Sorry my suggestion didn't work for too long. Keep trying other variations. =)