27 October 2009

I Have No Complaints About The Weather For Once

Our weather as of late has been fantastic. It's been in the mid 80's but in the later afternoon after I pick up the kids from school it has been awesome to sit outside and let the kids play in the front. We are one of the odd ones on the block that actually come outside, the rest of the block are reclusive and don't leave their house.

The kids have been playing on their scooters, and playing with the scarecrows. Sweet Girl walks around with one of them like it's her best friend. It's about as tall as she is. The other day she was singing to it and talking to it. It was really cute and funny. Hmm...maybe that's the reason people don't come outside when we're out there, they think our kids are weird because they talk to scarecrows. Actually I doubt it, I never see anyone out. And as soon as they are in the garage they immediately close the door. People here are so strange.

And tomorrow the high is only 62-64!!! I will get to wear long sleeves, socks and open my windows! Woohoo!!!

Hello cooler weather!! I've waited so long for you to get here!


Basha's Mama said...

Not going outside is an AZ thing. You forget that you don't have to always sit inside after months of being forced inside because of the hot weather. :) I'm still trying to get used to playing outside more with my kids here. *lol*

Crystal said...

As soon as the weather is nice, we are always outside with the girls. They've spent the past couple of weekends outside pretty much the entire time. Our neighborhood is pretty "outside-y" too - we always see our neighbors and many of them stop by to chat if they see us outside. So maybe it depends on the neighborhood. :) And funny that you mention Sweet Girl singing - I had my little Monkey home sick on Monday and Tuesday - but she was feeling a bit better yesterday so I let her play out in the backyard with her lego table and she kept singing "This is my message to you-oo-oo"...apparently it's a song from Nick Jr (formerly Noggin) - it was hilarious